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Institutional Public Engagement Award Winners

We're excited to announce that we won the University of Birmingham Public Engagement Award, The Light of Understanding, for our @thinktankmuseum Are You a Good Eyewitness? exhibit. Thank you to @birminghamalum and @CCJP_UoB for funding and, most importantly, the fantastic students who created and delivered the exhibit.

We were able to share our research with research children and guardians, and get feedback on some of our new experiments and methods for determining eyewitness accuracy from the public.

In her nomination of our team for the award, Prof Jess Woodhams said:

"Are You A Good Eyewitness? is an excellent example of public engagement due to its multi-modal design, its translation of complex psychological science into a format that is accessible and educative to all ages, and because co-production sits at its heart – whether that is through the collaboration of researchers at all stages of career at UoB or because the public are actively co-producing new research findings through their interaction with the exhibition."

I led the project with Dr Heather Flowe, and Ms Danielle Hett.

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