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New Pre-prints on an Interactive Face Recognition System

After 4+ years of working and developing interactive face recognition for lineups and face matching tasks, we're pleased to upload pre-prints of our papers, currently under review:

Colloff, M. F., Flowe, H. D., Smith, H. J., *Seale-Carlisle, T. M., Meissner, C. A., Rockey, J. C., Pande, B., Kujur, P., Parveen, N., Chandel, P., Singh, M. M., Pradhan, & S., Parganiha, A. (under review). Active exploration of faces in police lineups increases discrimination accuracy for own- and other- race faces. [Preprint]. Available at:

Colloff, M. F., *Seale-Carlisle, T. M., *Karagolu, N., Maltby, J., Smith, H. J., Smith, L., & Flowe, H. D. (under review). Criminal identification viewed from a different angle: Enabling witnesses to reinstate study pose during a lineup test increases accuracy. [Preprint]. Available at:

Smith, H. M. J., Flowe, H. D., Andrews, S., Baguley, T. S., Colloff, M. F., Davis, J. P., & White, D. (under review). A novel interactive face matching procedure: Performance of normal and superior face recognisers. [Preprint]. Available at:

Also see:

*Windsor, A., Flowe, H. D., *Seale-Carlisle, T. M., *Killeen, I. M., *Hett, D., *Jores, T., *Ingham, M., *Lee, B., *Stevens, L., & Colloff, M. F. (under review). Children’s expressions of certainty are informative. [Preprint]. Available at:

Visit the project website here, or view a demo of the lineup procedures below:

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