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Engaging the public at the ThinkTank museum

Updated: Apr 9, 2019

Some of the team at work during the ThinkTank exhibit last year!

We are pleased to announce that we (Dr Melissa Colloff & Dr Heather Flowe) were awarded additional funding from the Alumni Fund, University of Birmingham to continue with our public engagement work at ThinkTank during half term holidays this year.

Last year, our project recruited undergraduate and postgraduate students to create and deliver the public engagement activity. This exhibit took place previously during half term holidays last year and more that 1,600 children and their carers engaged with the exhibit. The project was awarded The Light of Understanding Award, an institutional award for Excellence in Public Engagement, and has been granted Alumni Impact Fund funding from The University of Birmingham for two consecutive years. The Applied Memory lab are looking forward to engaging visitors with their new demonstrations this year.

The dates of the exhibit are 27th – 31st May (and again 28th October - 1st November).

For information, see the Thinktank website and our exhibit website.

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